RO32492 And RO32511 Installation Instructions.


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To further increase the benefit on leveraging MSM to install and maintain your CA Top Secret product, the r14 release for CA Top Secret has been enhanced to allow MSM to install all available published maintenance. This feature, already included at the r15 release, requires the application of two CA Top Secret r14 solutions as well as running an SMP/E update job.


The Steps necessary to implement these solutions;

  1. Download and SMP/E receive solutions (RO32492, RO32511).

  2. RO32492 - This solution adds member KODEL8E0 to the CAIJCL library.

    1. Apply solution RO32492.

    2. Edit member KODEL8E0 to meet your product naming standards and execute the JCL.

    3. The KODEL8E0 JCL stream will remove the SAF FMID CX8E000 from the CA Top Secret CSI. This supplied job ***MUST*** be run before applying PTF RO32511 (step 3 below). RO32511 will move all SAF elements under the BASE Top Secret FMID CKOE000.

    4. KODEL8E0 return codes/exception messages:

      • An SMP/E RECEIVE return code of 4 with message GIM39701W SYSMOD 'CKO0000' HAS NO ELEMENTS.

        Explanation: The SMP/E DELETE function is a dummy SYSMOD with no elements. This is an acceptable RC and message.

      • An SMP/E APPLY or ACCEPT return code of 4 with the message GIM61903W LMOD WAS NOT DELETED...NOT IN ZONE

        Explanation: This message may be issued for some CA product LOAD modules. This is an acceptable RC and message.

      • An SMP/E ACCEPT return code of 8 or 12 with the following message is acceptable:

        MESSAGE GIM50602I AND GIM50701I CONCERNING LINK-EDIT and CSECTS deleted may receive a RETURN CODE of 8 or 12. This is acceptable because of modules linked that are shared with other components (I.E., TSSEAI). These modules will be deleted later on.

      • A REJECT return code of 12 is acceptable with message GIM24605E SYSMOD ... SELECTED BUT WAS NOT FOUND MESSAGE GIM24801S NO SYSMODS SATISFIED THE OPERANDS

        Explanation: After doing the ACCEPT of the DELETE function, the job will do a REJECT of all CA product Functions. These Functions may have optionally been deleted from the GLOBAL zone during function ACCEPT processing. If So, the REJECT statement will get a return code of 12.

  3. RO32511 - This solution will populate all SAF modules into the base FMID.

    1. Apply and Accept this solution.

    2. A return code of 0 is expected.

    3. If this PTF is applied before the KODEL8E0 job is successfully executed a return code of 4 will be received. None of the elements will be installed. You will receive the following message:



Component: AWAGNT