Loading an Event definition into CA Workload Automation ESP Edition fails with "ESP101W INVALID COMMAND".


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CA Workload Automation ESP Edition



You use JCL to transfer events between ESP systems. If a line exceeds 72 character limits, ESP puts the dash as the 73rd character and the transfer process fails. Here is an example of Event definition with lines over 72 chars:

EVENT ID(CYBER.MYEVENT)  SYSTEM(-)  REPLACEINVOKE 'CYBER.PROCLIB(EVENT1)'WOBTRIG FILE_TRIGGER Agent(MYAGENT) -        FileName('/this/is/my/filename/path/where/the/file/is/located.txt') -        CREATE NoChange(1) State(Working)ENDDEF


Historically, positions 73 - 80 were used to store user IDs, numbers, etc., so ESP ignores any text beyond this position. This applies only for datasets which are allocated with FB record format and length of 80 characters.

To prevent this behavior, just allocate the dataset for event export with a different length, for example 133 characters.

Then use JCL to export events directly to this dataset:

//ESPJLOAD JOB ,ESPJLOAD,MSGLEVEL=(1,1),MSGCLASS=X,REGION=4M,//         SCHENV=SYSTESF//*=====================================================================//***  EVENT DOWNLOAD PROCESS  FROM ONE LPAR                        ===*//*=====================================================================//LOADEVNT EXEC PGM=ESP,PARM='SUBSYS(ESPI)',COND=(0,NE)//STEPLIB  DD   DISP=SHR,DSN=ESP.V11R3.SSCPLINK//SYSPRINT DD   SYSOUT=*//SYSIN    DD   * LIST LEVEL(CYBER.MYEVENT) ALL PRINT('ESP.RECEIVE.EVENT133(EVENT1')/*


Release: WKLASG00200-5.5-Workload Automation-Service Governor-EE