How to modify the screen that is presented during a Secured Control Remote Control session?
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How to modify the screen that is presented during a Secured Control Remote Control session?


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Help desk technicians and administrators are allowed to take over a user's desktop using ITCM Remote Control. When they do not want the user to see what they are doing, they can set up a Secured Control session, provided they have been granted the authority to do so. During such a session, the end user is presented with the following screen:

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Figure 1

Companies may want to adjust this screen to their own standards. How can this be done?


There are 2 methods to customize the screen shown on the connected host during a Remote Control secure session, the first one is described in the green book on pages 194-195, see

However, this can only be used if you want to modify the text that is displayed.

To show an entire different page (including company logo), you would need to select the second method: to create an HTML file with the onscreen message you wish to be displayed. This HTML file must not contain any scripts or active content.

To enable this, you have to modify 2 configuration policies, located under DSM -> Remote Control -> Host -> General:

  • Secure Control Message URL : contains the actual url to the html page (url of the customized html page)
  • Show HTML Secure Control Message: set to true


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence


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