Add Project attributes to the Weekly Detail Portlet


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We have to update a portlet available on Home > Resource Management: Resource Planning > Allocations tab. We have to add 4 new custom attributes(available in Project object). But we are not able to edit its System Provider "Team Allocations". Please let me know how to edit this portlet.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity

  2. Navigate to Resource Planning > Allocations Tab > Weekly Detail Portlet (action=projmgr.weeklyDetail)


Release: All
Component: Clarity Studio


The Resource Planning > Allocations tab has a portlet named 'Weekly Detail' (ID=projmgr.weeklyDetail).

This portlet uses the Data Provider named 'Team Allocations'. This is the Data provider for Team object with timescaled and aggregation support.

This data provider will display attributes available from the 'Team' Object.

If you wans to display attributes from the 'Project' Object on this data provider it can be accomplished by creating 'Virtual' attributes on the 'Team' object that reference the Project attribute.

Virtual attributes can be created on the Child Object for any attribute available on the Master Object.

Steps to Configure:

  1. Login to Clarity as an administrator user

  2. Administration > Studio: Objects > Team Object > Attributes

  3. Click 'New Virtual' button

  4. Step 1 of 2: Select Attributes of Referenced Items

    In the Filter Section, select 'Project' or 'Investment' as the Master Object
    Click 'Filter' button
    Locate, select/check the appropriate project attribute
    Click 'Add' button

  5. Step 2 of 2: Define Labels

    Fill in Attribute Label and Attribute ID
    This is the name of the attribute that will be shown on the Team Object
    Click 'Finish' button

  6. Administration > Studio: Portlets

    Locate, open Portlet ID 'projmgr.weeklyDetail'

  7. Navigate to List Column Section : Layout

    Add the new virtual attribute to the Layout
    Click 'Save' button
    Make further configuration modifications on the field properties if needed

  8. Navigate to the Grid Portlet: General Properties page

    Click 'Publish' button to push out new configuration to all end-users

NOTE: clicking 'Publish' will reset all end-user configurations to this portlet.