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When this issue occurs, all PM patches accepted will go into and then remain in status state of "packaging" and not proceed to "testing".

If you check you would find that the patch(es) are actually downloaded to the PM downloads folder (usually 'C:\Windows\Temp' or 'C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\PatchManagement\downloads')

What is actually failing is the registration of that package into the DSM/ITCM manager.

In upm.log the following errors are typically seen together:

2011-07-01 03:25:47,426 [DownloadedPatchTask] DEBUG [] - Creating volume(s) for package:UPM - Windowsxp-kb971633-x86 EN - {3e271a7b-bee5-47f0-bb23-c7d4324378f8} (FFE0151C63484CC39A4F4D41A2C35240)
2011-07-01 03:25:47,788 [DownloadedPatchTask] DEBUG [] - Adding volume elements to volume:DEE88719408844288381B61BB12C1D79
2011-07-01 03:25:48,302 [DownloadedPatchTask] ERROR [] - Error ocurred executing a DSM Webservice method. Reason: No elements copied
2011-07-01 03:25:48,737 [DownloadedPatchTask] DEBUG [] - releaseSession(): returning session to pool
2011-07-01 03:25:48,737 [DownloadedPatchTask] ERROR [] - Patch Windowsxp-kb971633-x86 EN {3e271a7b-bee5-47f0-bb23-c7d4324378f8} package registration failed
2011-07-01 03:25:48,738 [DownloadedPatchTask] FATAL [] - Patch Windowsxp-kb971633-x86 EN {3e271a7b-bee5-47f0-bb23-c7d4324378f8} Package Registration Failed


This problem can occur when one of following conditions are meet:

  • The user name set in PM configuration for DSM connection is not the local Administrator

  • UAC (User Account Control) is enabled.

For example:

In this screenshot, user TEST is specified and is a local admin. UAC is not enabled on the Windows server machine, so problem occurs.


CA Client Automation - All versions 14


There are 2 possible solutions:

  • Turn Off UAC* and
  • Set the local Administrator in PM configuration for DSM connection


  • Turn Off UAC*

  • Gives FULL CONTROL NTFS rights on C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\SD\ASM\LIBRARY for user defined in PM configuration for DSM Connection

*Turning off UAC is not always required. If the companion action does not resolve the situation however, turning off UAC should be the next step.