How to remove or back out a SAMP policy Pack.
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How to remove or back out a SAMP policy Pack.


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CA Unicenter NSM



Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove or back out a SAMP Policy Pack.


  1. Launch SMP Configuration Wizard; identify the policy pack template file name and WVC file.

    Format of the file name is
    samp_<agent name>_pp.dat

    Example: samp_dsmMonitor_pp.dat

    If the agent is not granular, wvc file will show as "None"
    The format of the wvc file name is samp_<agent name>_pp.wvc

    For dsmMonitor, the template Name is samp_dsmMonitor_PP.dat and there is no granularity.

  2. Open the policy pack file with notepad and copy the cautil statements into a separate file called remove_pp.cautil. The cautil syntax is at the beginning of the file and the Policy Pack files reside in the directory SAMP\PolicyPack.

  3. Remove MRAs by executing the command

    Cautil -f remove_pp.cautil

  4. Verify the MRAs were removed.

  5. Execute a command to refresh dsb:

    oprcmd opreload

  6. If a WVC file exists and you wish to remove granular objects and classes, execute the command agtrmon and delete the objects and classes present. The .wvc file has the list of all class names associated with policy pack.


Component: CCSAT