Device syncing and reconciliation was not occurring for some assets\devices


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Having an issue syncing between SAM and APM. It appears the appropriate fields are populated correctly between the 2 systems but reconciliation and data syncing does not occur.


The assets\devices in question had been manually renamed in both APM and SAM causing a duplicate record to be created in the al_discovered_hardware table with the same serial number and mac address. etc. Updates created in APM were creating an update file based on the original name. The device then would not be found in SAM and the update would fail.



CA Asset Portfolio Management 12.9CA Software Asset Management 4.1.3


To resolve the problem, the duplicated records were deleted from the al_discovered_hardware table. The corresponding records were also removed from the arg_reconcile_links table to force a new reconciliation with the correct entry in the al_discovered_hardware table.

Note: The device in SAM must be updated in order for a new record to flow over to the al_discovered_hardware table.

Updates flowed as expected once the asset\devices were reconciled.