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Use Policy Xpress to Explore and Correlate TSS profiles with their respective Facilities into Identity Manager.


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The TSS connector can manage TSS profiles. However, Identity Manager is only able to handle or manage Account objects. To be able to manage Facilities you should be able to use Policy Xpress to read them from an external store.


You might have noticed that you are able to explore and correlate Profiles and Facility objects from the provisioning manager. However, this is not getting synchronized into Identity Manager web user interface. Despite that the connector is able to find these objects , Identity Manager allows to manage user accounts and will not import or explore other object types. The information available to the web interface by default is only the target accounts with the Profile that's associated with each account. A global list of all Facility objects is unavailable to the web user interface.

You might want to need to allow a self service mechanism via Identity Manager's web user interface to let your users subscribe to a certain Facility object. To do that you will need to be able to build a dropdown attribute that will contain all of your Facilities as they currently exist in your TSS target. You might need to display all Facility objects even if not associated to accounts.

Policy Xpress comes very handy in this type of situation and will help you overcome Identity Manager's inability to retrieve these type of objects. One good alternative for this type of situation will be to use an off-line synchronization mechanism in order to synchronize your global list of TSS Facilities to Identity Manager. What you can do export your TSS Facility list into an external database then use Policy Xpress to build a policy that will build a dynamic dropdown of your facilities as part of your Self Service task screen ( or any screen for that matter ). Your use will be able to make a selection which can then be associated with their new TSS account. One advantage of this suggestion is that it is a very cost effective solution as the list of global facilities usually do not change too often.


Component: IDMGR