What Does Message "TSSHCK21E The CA-Top Secret Security File caching features are not optimally configured." Mean?


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What does the following mean?

TSSHCK21E The CA-Top Secret Security File caching features are not optimally configured.


CA Top Secret is now integrated with the IBM Health Checker for z/OS through the CA Health Checker Common Service, and automatically checks the following CA Top Secret settings:

  • Checks that there is not a conflict with the placement of the CA Top Secret Audit Tracking File and the Security File, which reduces the number of support issues resulting from performance degradation when these two files share a DASD volume.

  • Checks that the CA Top Secret CACHE and SECCACHE features are enabled, which prevents performance degradation and support issues as a result of clients not using all of the product-supplied cache features.

This will require you to have the proper Common Services maintenance installed as well.

Additional information can be found in the Health Check output in SDSF. For example:

********************************* TOP OF DATA *******************************CHECK(CA_TOP_SECRET,TOP_SECRET_CACHE_STATUS) START TIME: 07/05/2010 13:02:55.310917 CHECK DATE: 20100101 CHECK SEVERITY: MEDIUM THE CA TOP SECRET SECCACHE FEATURE IS NOT ACTIVE * Medium Severity Exception * TSSHCK21E The CA-Top Secret Security File caching features are not optimally configured.

Explanation: CA-Top Secret Security is not performing optimally because the CACHE and/or SECCACHE features are disabled. CA Top Secret allows for the specification of two separate caching features which are enabled via the CACHE and SECCACHE control options. Both of these features are highly reliable and provide for the best possible performance of the product. Without these features enabled sites may be subject to performance degradation especially when the Security File is shared across multiple systems.

System Action: CA-Top Secret continues processing.

Operator Response: Report this error to the System Programmer.

System Programmer Response: Implement the CA-Top Secret CACHE and SECCACHE features appropriately. Both of these cache features are dynamically configurable and so may be enabled without a recycle of CA Top Secret.

To Enable the CACHE feature use the CACHE control option as follows:

TSS MODI(CACHE(nnnn)) nnnn is the size of the memory cache in kilobytes.

To Enable the SECCACHE feature use the CACHE control option as follows:

TSS MODI(SECCACHE(SIZE=mmmm,INDEX=nnnnnn,EXP=hhh,WARN=ppp)) mmmm      is the size of the memory cache in megabytes. nnnnnn    is the number of index entries. hhh       is the expiration interval for cache records in hours. ppp       is the threshold percentage full when a warning message           will be issued.

Problem Determination: N/A

Source: CA-Top Secret

Reference Documentation: Please refer to the CA-Top Secret Control Options Guide.

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Component: AWAGNT