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Update Percent Complete job changes tasks marked Completed to Not Started when they have no effort and the Project Percent Complete calculation is set to Effort


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In CA PPM, if % Complete Calculation method is set to Effort, the Update Percent Complete job changes task statuses from Completed to Not Started. 

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a project with % Complete Calculation Method set to 'Effort'.
2. Add one team member to the project
3. Create a task and assign the team member to the task
4. Go to Organizer->Tasks and change the task status to 'Completed' (which changes the % Complete to 100%)
5. Run the Update % Complete job

Expected Results: Task status remains as 'Completed', and % Complete is 100%
Actual Results: Task status changes to 'Not Started', and the % Complete changes from 100 to 0%


With 'Effort' % Complete Calculation method, the 'Update % Complete' job is designed to calculate the task % complete and change the status based on it.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


If a task has an assignment with no Actuals or ETC (Effort), the status will be 'Not Started' and 0% complete with % Complete Calculation of 'Effort'.

The fact that CA PPM allows you to temporarily mark the status of a task to completed by marking an assignment complete in Organizer -> Tasks is misleading to users since the status is later changed by the job. This is fixed in CA PPM 14.1 and higher as part of CLRT-74872.

Additional Information

Reference the % Complete Calculation Method section of the Create Projects, Teams, and Tasks documentation for details on the differences in the three types of % Complete Calculation Methods.