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Does CA Siteminder recommend best practice on Policy Store Backup/Restore?


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Does CA Siteminder recommend best practice on Policy Store Backup / Restore, and disaster recovery procedure?

Is it worth doing a daily export using smobjexport command in a script that we run every night as an additional measure?


We do not have any "best practice" for the backup or restore of the Siteminder Policy Store. We only recommend to use your store vendor's tools and best practice to do so. It is the same for any disaster recovery procedure.

A routine backup of the Policy Store should normally be fine. In case of problem, you would just have to recreate a store (run the configuration tool to install the base objects) then import the store.

Be aware that export the store can be a long process depending on the size of the store. It could take several hours to complete. During that time, the Policy Server continues to operate normally, although 1 connection is taken by the export. Some CPU is also used, but we do not have benchmarking tests about how much it would take, so you would have to test this on your own environment to determine it, if you feel it might be critical.


Component: SMPLC