NCL Space Issue: If I want to expand the NCL, do I have to run ZDCBUILD?
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NCL Space Issue: If I want to expand the NCL, do I have to run ZDCBUILD?


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Having NCL (Node Control Library) Space Issue. If I want to expand it, do I have to run the ZDCBUILD utility which will not only create a new NCL, but also new target files for each entity type defined in the RND?

I'm assuming I'll still run a ZBBVPUP to copy members, correct? Can I just stop the zone or do I have to drop Alchemist?


You DO NOT need to run ZDCBUILD. This is only used to regenerate an NCL (and target files) based upon ZCL (Zone Control Library) contents and RND (Remote Node Definition). This is only necessary when a NCL and/or the remote target files have been corrupted or are out of sync.

To simply expand for space reasons, you would do this the same way as you would for any of the other VPAM files like ZCL. See TEC416828 for details.

After expanding the NCL, you should use ZBBVPUP to COPY and you can simply stop the zone. The copy step is included in the above example.

Note: For a ZCL copy, you would do that while Alchemist is down. If only the zone is stopped, this will restrict requests from running but users could still retrieve entities which changes the ZCL. In that case you are open to potential discrepancies. It's up to you to weigh the risk of that against the length of time you need to have Alchemist down. An NCL would not be subject to the same problem so stopping the zone would be sufficient.


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