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Agents stuck in the 'locked by move' state while moving to a r12.5 Domain Manager


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While moving the agents from a version 11.2 Domain Manager to a version 12.5 Domain Manager, the agents are stuck in the 'locked by move' state for days.

Aborting the move operation is not an option since there are many records that need to be migrated to the target r12.5 server.


This behavior is observed when the target Domain Manager (version 12.5) tries to move the OSIM records from a Domain Manager which is not at version 12.5.

TRC_USD_REPMAN_x.log shows the following lines:

140610-02:21:08.0163775L|005984|00000f9c|RepMan |RM:00
|cmpmv.cxx |001297|NOTIFY | ComputerMover - OSIM export failed:
Movement of OSIM job records not supported by the previous Domain Manager.
rc: 4045
140610-02:21:08.0168250L|005984|00000f9c|RepMan |RM:00
|cmpmv.cxx |001330|ERROR | ComputerMover - OSIM Export error.

Configured to postpone SD move. Postponing SD move

This feature is not present in pre r12.5 version. As such the agent move gets postponed and the agent is stuck in the 'locked by move' state.


Set the configuration policy 'Computer move: OSIM move enabled' to 'False' under 'Control Panel->Configuration->Configuration Policy->Default Computer Policy->DSM->Software Delivery->Manager.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence