Installing WCC Command Sponsor on a Windows 64bit
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Installing WCC Command Sponsor on a Windows 64bit


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WCC Command Sponsor is installed on a Windows 2008 64bit version which has AutoSys r11.0 installed. But when using the ECLI in WCC a message pops-up:

"The command could not be executed. Command processing exception encountered".

You have already validated that WCC Command Sponsor files exist and have the correct entries:

  • AutoSysCommandISponsor.conf

  • AutoSysCommandISponsor.jar

  • AutoSysCommandISponsorFilter.txt

  • AutoSysCommandWrapper.exe

  • AutoSysCommandWrapper.<AUTOSERV>

  • AutoSysCommandSponsor.rsp


Since AutoSys r11.0 is installed prior to installing WCC Command Sponsor you need to make sure that the listed files are in the same iTechnology directory as the igateway.exe.

There may be instances on a Windows 64bit machine where the active igateway.exe is in a different iTechnology folder than the WCC Command Sponsor (due to iTechnology already being installed by the AutoSys installer) - so there are 2 different iTechnology folders. If this is the case, you need to use Windows Add/Remove programs to uninstall the WCC Command Sponsor, then reinstall the WCC Command Sponsor but make sure to choose the same folder/directory as the original igateway that AutoSys installed.


Component: ATSYS