What should happen if you FORCE_START a job when its machine is OFFLINE?


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If a machine has a status of OFFLINE, should a FORCE_STARTJOB cause a job to run on the machine or should the job go to PE (Pending Machine) status?


It is recommend that the FORCE_STARTJOB event is only used in extreme situations.

The manually generated FORCE_STARTJOB event starts the specified job, regardless of whether its starting conditions are satisfied.

A FORCE_STARTJOB also uses a priority of 0 thus AutoSys will try to start a job regardless of its machine's status or available load.

The PEND_MACH state for a job indicates that the job can logically start and has a priority other than 0, but the machine to which it is assigned is currently offline.

When the machine comes back online and the required load units are available, AutoSys will start the job.


Component: ATSYS