How To Use A Default Role For All Contacts.


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The document describes how to use a default role for all users.


Although the out-of-the-box Service Desk Manager web interface does not provide the ability to set a default role for all contacts, it is possible to achieve this by making certain changes to the underlying database table. However, please note that direct changes to the management database are not supported; thus any changes made in this way are at your own risk.

If the USE_DEFAULT_ROLE column that is defined in the mdb database table, USP_PREFERENCES, is set to "1" for a particular role, then when existing users initially login, the specified default role is the active role. After users log in, they can change their roles by using the "Set Role" from the main page.

To change the out-of-the-box value from "0" to "1", you can use a DMBS tool. For the change to take effect in the Service Desk Manager web interface, Service Desk Manager services must be recycled. Note that for new contacts, each new contact must use the Service Desk/CMDB web interface to set his/her default role. To do this,

  1. Click on the "Service Desk" tab
  2. Click on "View" and select "Preferences..."
  3. On the "Preferences" page. Check the checkbox for "Use Default Role" and click on the "Save" button.


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