PRFCUST information concerning Usermods
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PRFCUST information concerning Usermods


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Is the information in the PRFCUST member concerning the USERMODs and Exit processing in the CICS/IMS environments still necessary?


The PRFCUST member is incorrect in the reference to the USERMOD MCMD001. As of r14, PRF no longer requires this USERMOD to install the CICS environment into its load modules.

This is now done by the DDDEFs in the SMP/e install via AUTOCALL.

If you plan on writing User Exits for this release or utilize a previous version's user exit(s) the documented USERMOD(s) for the exit(s) are still necessary in order to link in the exit code into PRF's load modules. The USERMODs expect the user exit code to be compiled into the CDBALMDL library (this was the LINKLIB library in previous versions).


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