Error when re-integrating Spectrum with a different Service Desk server


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Sometimes the Customer may need to re-integrate Spectrum with a different Service Desk server and disable the integration with the current SD server. When doing this client may face the below error which will stop creating the tickets using the new Service Desk server.

Error : "Error setting attr 'affected_resource' on object 'cr:419920' to value

Please follow the solution described in the below section to resolve this error.



  1. Client has integrated SD with Spectrum

  2. Due to some problems client has re-integrated Spectrum with another SD.

  3. Now he is getting the below error in stdout.log file of the SD

    "Error setting attr 'affected_resource' on object 'cr:419920' to value


  1. Go to the respective model in Spectrum.

  2. Go to the component detail panel -> Attributes tab.

  3. FIlter for the attribute servicedesk_asset_id and make the value to Null

  4. By default when you integrate Spectrum for the first time with Service Desk this servicedesk_asset_id attribute will hold one value which is mapped in the SD.

  5. Now as we have re-integrated Spectrum with another SD ,we need to remove the old value assigned for the servicedesk_asset_id attribute in OC.

  6. Now Spectrum should be able to create the tickets in SD successfully.


Component: SPCINT