Is Oracle JDeveloper supported with SCM?


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Can we integrate Oracle JDeveloper with SCM? Does a plugin for JDeveloper exist?


SCM provides plug-in support for Eclipse via the SCM Eclipse Plug-In and Microsoft Visual Studio support via the SCM VSIP (Visual Studio Industry Partner) Plug-in. Any 3rd party IDE based on one of these two platforms is supported with the corresponding SCM Plug-in.

The Oracle JDeveloper IDE is not based on Eclipse or VSIP, so it is not directly supported by SCM.

To use Oracle JDeveloper with SCM, we suggest using the SCM Workbench Workarea for code checkin and checkout.

Code checked out from the Workbench can then be edited in Oracle JDeveloper.

For a complete list of supported IDEs and platforms, please refer to the SCM Compatibility Matrix located in the Product Status section of the CA Software Change Manager product home page on


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