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What definitions are required in TPX when using PROF/USER level Selection to build the session list from the security system.


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Are there other requirements beside 'Profile Selection: PROF/USER' and 'Resource Class: xxxx' in TPX?


When using our interfaces to build a dynamic session list from definitions in your security system there are

following additional definitions required in TPX:

  • 'Dynamic Users Allowed: Y' in SMRT 5 System Features
    The interface only applies to users which are dynamic ones.

  • 'Load profiles at startup: Y' in SMRT 1 Performance Parameters
    TPX will need the names of all profiles defined. If this parm is set to N you will miss sessions in the menu.

  • A TPX Signon/Signoff exit (TPXUSNSF) must be in place which returns from the Get Profile call (20)
    with Return Code = 12 (ADDPROFs done). Otherwise you may experience an empty menu. You can use our distributed TPXUSNSF module. You may also check our sample TPXUSNSF exits.


Release: NVINAM00200-5.2-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package