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Clarity: Project > Team > Detail timescale view does not display the values in the second row if you have both Allocation and Hard Allocation


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On the Project > Team > Detail view if you add hard allocation under allocation in the Weekly Allocation timescale field it will not display values. Also, if you go to edit mode you cannot edit the hard allocation.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a user with all global rights Test User

  2. Create a project Project1

  3. Add a resource to the project

  4. Log in as test User

  5. Click on Project1

  6. Click on the Team tab

  7. Click on the Detail link

  8. Click on [--Select--] and choose Configure

  9. Click on the Fields link

  10. Click on the properties icon for the Weekly Allocation timescale

  11. In the Available column select Hard allocation

  12. Click the arrow to move it to Select column

  13. Click Submit

  14. Click Save and Exit

  15. Click on the resource properties icon

  16. If the resource does not have hard allocation enter a segment in the current time period and Submit

  17. Note: you may see values in the Allocation timescale fields, but not the Hard Allocation timescale view

  18. Go back to Configure > Fields and click on the Properties icon for Weekly Allocation

  19. In the Select column select Allocation and click the down arrow to move it under hard allocation

  20. Click Submit

  21. Click Save and Exit

  22. Note: now you see hard allocation, but not allocation values

  23. Change to Edit mode and you can only edit the attribute on top, and you still do not see values in the attribute on the bottom

Expected Result: To see values in both allocation and hard allocation in the timescale view.

Actual Result: You only see values in the field that is on top in the timescale view.



Only add one attribute to the Weekly Allocation timescale field, or use Resource > Allocation > Detail view to view both allocation and hard allocation and edit both.


This has been identified as defect CLRT-63920, which is currently being reviewed in development.

Keywords: CLRT-63920, Weekly Allocation, timescale field, Allocation, hard allocation.


Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus