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Clarity: Technical Reference Guide shows Tables 'PRJ_OBS_REPORTING' and 'PRJ_OBS_LABELS'. No data appears in these tables. Why?


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The Clarity Technical Reference Guide shows information for two tables: 'PRJ_OBS_REPORTING' and 'PRJ_OBS_LABELS'

These tables appear to have a purpose for use in reporting. If we query the tables no data is returned. How are these tables populated and where is the data used in the application?

Clarity Technical Reference Guide:


This denormalized table is used for reporting and stores the names of all the levels that are parents of a given organizational breakdown structure (OBS) unit. Only levels that are above the unit have valid values.


This denormalized table is used for reporting and stores the names of all the levels in an organizational breakdown structure (OBS).


These two tables are obsolete and not used in the application or in any stock portlet or report. If you examine the table structure of these two tables you will see that the data is available in the NBI_DIM_OBS table. The NBI_DIM_OBS table is populated by the 'Datamart Extraction' job and the 'Update Business Objects Tables' job (by selecting the 'Populate OBS' parameter).


This dimension table stores organizational breakdown structure (OBS) unit information. This table is populated by extracting data from PRJ_OBS_TYPES and PRJ_OBS_UNITS during the datamart extraction.


This issue has been logged as a documentation defect CLRT-65132 which will be reviewed for updates in a future release.

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Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus