I have successfully installed DCD 2.0.DCD but scans are not starting.
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I have successfully installed DCD 2.0.DCD but scans are not starting.


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Data Content Discovery


The Web UI opens up and I logon, but when I try to run a scan to verify classifiers  i see DCDSRVR start but the scan wont run.

The status just says 'not started'

I see the following in the job output.


15.06.43 STC06070 DCD2530I DCD Classifier - FEYWLM00 - FUNC=WLM_CONNECT_WM 
15.06.43 STC06070 DCD2620I DCD Classifier - IWM4CON RtnCde=00000000 RsnCde=00000000 
15.06.44 STC06070 DCD2620I DCD Classifier - IWM4SLI RtnCde=00000000 RsnCde=00000000 
15.06.44 STC06070 DCD2530I DCD Classifier - IWM4SLI Min= 0, Max= 11 
15.06.44 STC06070 DCD2530I DCD Classifier - Issuing: IWM4SSL 
16.06.46 STC06070 DCD2620E DCD Classifier - IWM4SSL RtnCde=0000000C RsnCde=119E0C14 
16.06.46 STC06070 DCD2620I DCD Classifier - IWM4DIS RtnCde=00000000 RsnCde=00000000 
16.06.46 STC06070 IEF404I DCDSRVR - ENDED - TIME=16.06.46 
16.06.46 STC06070 $HASP395 DCDSRVR ENDED - RC=0001


Component: DCD


In classification-port_33170.20161209-15:43:13.log file was the following.... 

Required property "hostname.company.com" is unknown host. 

This means that the host that DCDSRVR was trying to connect to was not known.
On review of the JCL it was noticed that the //SYSTCPD DD statement was commented out.

The resolution to this problem is to uncomment the SYSTCPD DD statement in the DCDSRVR procedure.

The scan will be able to run the next time it is requested.