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Statistic Index job is running for more than 6 hours


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CA eHealth


eHealth application is not running and system.log is showing "Statistic Index job is running for more than 6 hours" messages.


eHealth 6.3.0 onward installed on Windows OS


Problems like this are usually caused by a hung process that gets stuck in system memory and locking up the database table. It can be eHealth system scheduled job, reporting scheduled jobs or discover process. In this case, its the statistics index scheduled job.


The easy way to resolve this issue is to stop eHealth and check for any remaining nhi processes.

If after stopping the eHealth service there are several nhi processes still running (besides nhiHttpd), then those processes need to be killed and the eHealth service restarted. 

In most of the cases, we have observed that eHealth servers are not running, but multiple hung processes are still running and in such case rebooting the server is best option.


1. nhServer stop

2. nhStopDb immediate

3. Stop httpd and Tomcat services from services console

4. Look for hung processes and reboot the system if required.

5. If all processes are cleared after stopping services, then just start those services again.

6. nhStartDb

7. nhServer start

8. Start httpd and Tomcat services from services console