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CA Jobtrac Job Management: What to do if job hangs in WAIT EXEC or EXECUTING status.


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A job can remain in status WAIT EXEC or EXECUTING (for example after a system crash), and the line commands "P" (Purge) or "D" (Delete) will then be rejected with message "REQUEST DENIED".



Component: JOBTRC


In this case, use the "@" line command together with option "DEP" as input on the COMMAND line with "requeue". This places the job back in the "Hold queue" with an M dependency. Then the "P" or "D" line command can be used as follows:

  1. P(urge) will release successor events

  2. D(elete) will NOT release successor events

Note: The "*" line command together with option "HDEL" on the COMMAND input line should ONLY be used as very last resort. Doing this will only delete the EVT record, and all other supplementary elements (like PST or EXL) will become orphaned and could cause unpredictable or unwanted results. Furthermore, the utility GJTRJARC should be run soon afterwards with option CLEAN to remove all the orphaned records.