Spectrum eHealth integration shows an error when initial or incremental Mappings are run


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CA Spectrum


When running an initial or incremental mapping for the Spectrum eHealth integration, the following error is observed in the OneClick Admin web site's eHealth Integration Configuration page:

[code=SERVER_RESPONSE_RESET] The server response could not be read because of an error. Contact your system administrator


Often it does not impact the actual mapping functionality and Spectrum OneClick client console locator searches can be used to determine what models in Spectrum remain unmapped if there remains a concern. Within the locator tab is a folder containing out of the box searches that will provide lists of models that remain unmapped. In cases where this error was seen, the only models that remained unmapped are those that have no matching eHealth element thus why the model is not mapped.


Release: Any
Component: SPCINT


This error indicates problems with communication on the eHealth web server. This is normally resolved through a cycle of the eHealth web server on the eHealth RFE.

On Windows eHealth web servers, cycle both the eHealth httpd and eHealth Tomcat services.

One Linux eHealth web servers, run the commands 'Httpd stop' followed by 'Httpd start'.

Once cycled the error should no longer appear when running the initial or incremental mapping.