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How do I create a migration strategy that will include the DDL for a Database and save it to a GDG dataset?


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS



When doing a migration strategy that includes the DDL for a database, it is necessary to save the DDL to a GDG dataset.


This process can be accomplished in a few steps:

  1. Create the Base line GDG.

  2. Create the Migration strategy that will produce the DDL at the Database level.

  3. Analyze the migration strategy in Batch mode and write the JCL to a PDS member.

  4. Edit the JCL to include the GDG dataset:

    //DDLFILE DD DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE),SPACE=(CYL,(5,10),RLSE),//           DCB=(LRECL=080,BLKSIZE=26800,RECFM=FB),//           DSN=gdg dataset name(+1)     <======== replace with GDG name
  5. Submit the strategy,


Component: RCM