How to maintain Administrator Capabilities using TPXBATCH?
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How to maintain Administrator Capabilities using TPXBATCH?


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



In TPXADMIN you have panel TEN0169, where Administrator Capabilities are assigned:

                     TPX User   Maintenance                                 
                                                            Panelid  - TEN0169     
 Command   ===>                                             Userid   - USER#1     
                                                            Termid   - TERM01     
   Userid:                  PIEAL01                          Date    - 12/28/11     
                                                              Time     - 13:30:55     
 TPX User Administrator:         Y                STX User Administrator:     N     
 TPX Master Administrator:       Y              STX Master Administrator:     N    
 TPX System Administrator:       Y              STX System Administrator:     N    
 TPX Operator Administrator:     Y                   
     Groups this User Administrator can modify:            
 ************************** BOTTOM OF DATA ************************* 

(This panel is reached in TPXADMIN, '1 - TPX User/Group Maintenance', '3 - User Maintenance', then enter desired userid, then select '6 - Maintain Administrator Capabilities').

This document describes how you can change the settings in that panel using TPXBATCH.


The settings in panel '6 - Maintain Administrator Capabilities' can be changed using the following SYSIN-Statements:

To change the Authority for User, Master, System and Operator Administrator you need these statements:

   //SYSIN     DD
                  (UIDXCSYS({Y|N}) (UIDXCOPR({Y|N}))      

The User Administrator Authority is represented by field UIDXCADM, Master Administrator Authority is represented by field UIDXCMST, System Administrator Authority is represented by field UIDXCSYS and Operator Administrator Authority is represented by field UIDXCOPR.

You do not need to specify all four fields in the SYSIN-Statement.

To maintain the list of groups under the title "Groups this User Administrator can modify" you use these two statements:

To add the group group-name to a user:

//SYSIN     DD
 ADD  USERMAGN  (userid group-name)

If several groups need to be added to a user you need several of these statements, you can't add multiple groups to a user in one USERMAGN-Statement; instead you group several USERMAGN-Statements in one SYSIN:

  ADD  USERMAGN  (userid group-name_1)
  ADD  USERMAGN  (userid group-name_2)
  ADD  USERMAGN  (userid group-name_3)

If you want to remove a group from a users responsibility you use DELETE:

//SYSIN     DD
  DELETE  USERMAGN (userid group-name)


Release: NVINAM00200-5.2-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package