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Would like to set up User Defined Scans for the Insight Agent to monitor the Database. The SQL statement works, but they don't see all the required data in the DCC Graphs. Why am I not able to see the data returned to the Graphs in DCC UI?

(Scan Group Details -> Individual Scan Types).


  1. An SQL scan can only return 2 columns per scan. The 'Object' column and the 'Value' column are the only 2 columns you can have. You would need to set up separate SQL statements to have more data returned.

    Please see the attached document for more information.

  2. Please run the script and make sure it works with the database. If the script does work, please create a new script file and split the SELECT statement onto three separate lines like this template below and make sure you place ';' at the end of the statement:-

    SELECT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    FROM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    WHERE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;


Component: UNIDCC


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