During the ITCM 12.5 Agent deployment using the Infrastructure Deployment Wizard via a Scalability Server, the following error occurs: "Primer authentication failed"


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After version upgrade, it could be possible that the dmprimer file present on the Scalability Server is an older version and hence the deployment may fail. Test the deployment without the Scalability Server to check whether it completes successfully.


  1. Verify whether the Scalability Server you are deploying from has the latest version of the primer.

    To check this on the Scalability Server, browse to the following folder:
    Program Files\CA\DSM\DMPrimer\CAUnicenterDSM\dmprimer\Windows_x86

    Open the properties of dmsetup.exe and verify whether the "Product Version" is 12.5.

  2. If it is an old version, please replace it by copying the R12.5 'dmsetup.exe' from the 12.5 DVD image (Windows_x86\Dmprimer)

    Note: No CAF recycle is needed.

  3. Test the deployment


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence