How does Auto-Assignment works for Groups & Locations?
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How does Auto-Assignment works for Groups & Locations?


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How to implement Auto-Assignment works for Groups & Locations?




Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration



Below is a sample configuration on how Auto-Assignment could be used with Groups and Locations.

  1. Under the Request/Incident Area, Auto-Assignment should have a Mapped Group & Location.

  2. The Group that is mapped as Auto-Assignment Group for the Request/Incident Area should be set to the same Location which is mapped under the Auto-Assignment Location of the Request/Incident Area. So the Location under Auto-Assignment of the Request/Incident Area and the Group Location are same.

  3. The location and group of the customer should also be the same as mapped to the Auto Assignment Location and Group.

  4. The Group Members should belong to Analysts Access Type have the" Available" Checkbox checked.

So for an Auto-Assignment to be successful the Location should be the same under the Request/Incident Area -> Auto-Assignment tab, Group & Customer Location.


  • Request/Incident Area: Email
    Default Group: Group 2
    Auto-Assignment: Enabled
    Auto Assignment Group: Group 1
    Auto Assignment Loc: Location 1

  • Customer 1: Customer 1
    Location: Location 1
    Group: Group 1

  • Customer 2: Customer 2
    Location: Location 2
    Group: Group 2

  • Group 1 Group Member: Customer 1
    Group 1 Group Location: Location 1

  • Group 2 Group Member: Customer 2
    Group 2 Group Location: Location 2

From the above setup: The Location "Location 1" is marked as Auto-Assignment Location for the Request/Incident Area. The Group "Group 1" and Customer "Customer 1" are also mapped to the same Location "Location 1"

Customer "Customer 2" belongs to a different Location "Location 2" and Group "Group 2"

Now when a new Incident is created with the category as Email, customer as "Customer 1", Auto assign will take place successfully as the Location of the customer "Customer 1" and the location of the Auto-assignment Group "Group 1" are both "Location 1".

However if customer "Customer 2" is the affected end user, the Area is "Email", then the Auto-Assignment will fail as the location of the Customer "Customer 2" and the Auto Assignment Group "Group 1" do not match. Instead, the Incident will be assigned to the Default Group "Group 2" that was set on the Incident Area.

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