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When the an interactive discover is run from OneClick, this error is received: Discover did not complete. No log results for DCI merge


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CA eHealth



Interactive discover under OneClick fails with error 'No log results for DCI merge' in EH 6.3.0.

Most common environment for issue to occur:

  1. eHealth 6.3.0 on Win2003

  2. Number of elements in EH configuration at about 40K and more:

    The issue is specific to Windows. It happens due to way Windows handles and allocates TCP buffers. The recv() and send() calls can return "No buffer space" error if big (> 64 KB) buffer size is requested to be allocated.

    Problem Ticket: PRD00058758

To confirm if the issue is exactly the one that is addressed by PRD00058758, please check following:

  1. nhiDciMerge returns the WSAENOBUFS (10055) - No buffer space available error. The nhiDciMerge advanced log would contain something like this:

    11/10/11 13:35:35.570 [T,cos ] E:CosSocket::recv ()
    11/10/11 13:35:35.570 [z,cos ] ARGS: socket = 1676, buf = 0x052a0030, bufSize = 91186012, maxRetries = 1, timeout = 0
    11/10/11 13:35:35.570 [d,cos ] Generic error, errno = 10055
    11/10/11 13:35:35.570 [T,cos ] X:CosSocket::recv ()
    11/10/11 13:35:35.570 [d,ccm ] getPacket failed for message body
    11/10/11 13:35:35.570 [T,ccm ] X:getPacket ()

  2. nhiDbServer log file reports 10053 error. The nhiDbServer advanced log file would contain something like this:

    11/10/11 13:35:35.789 [T,ccm ] E:getPacketNonblocking()
    11/10/11 13:35:35.789 [d,ccm ] hdr: Generic error, errno = 10053
    11/10/11 13:35:35.789 [T,ccm ] X:getPacketNonblocking()
    11/10/11 13:35:35.789 [T,ccm ] E:CcmConnection::acceptDisconnect ()
    11/10/11 13:35:35.789 [d,ccm ] CcmConnection [0x1a15688]: disconnecting

NOTE: there were no customers who reported the issue under Solaris. It means if the 'No log results for DCI merge' error is seen under Solaris, then most probably it's different issue. In this case new case should be opened with CA Support.


There is a hot-fix available, please contact CA Support for more information.


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements