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Clarity: Is it possible to hide the 'Grouping Attributes' attribute of Cost Plans object from the create and edit view?


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We have set the default value for the Grouping Attributes in the financial setup Plan Defaults. Now that it has a default value, can we possibly hide it from the Cost Plan create and edit views? We set the attribute to 'Hidden' and when we tried to create a new Cost Plan we received the following error message:

Error: All required fields need to be filled out


The attribute 'Grouping Attributes' is coming from the Financial Plan default configuration and not from Studio objects. There is built-in logic that populates plan defaults. Since this is a required field, it cannot be hidden on the Cost Plan create view. This behavior is different than configuring the 'default' value for the standard Studio Object Views.

To set up the Financial Plan Defaults:

Administration > Finance: Setup > Entities > Open the specific Entity > Click 'Plan Defaults' tab

Be sure to check the 'Cost Plan' Studio Object.

The 'Grouping Attributes' field standard OOTB configuration is set to 'Value Required' and visible on the [Layout:Create] page.

It is important to keep it visible; do NOT mark this attribute as 'Hidden' as it will cause this issue.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, how-to, configuration, revmgr, costplan.


Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus