How can I modify the calogon/calogoff gui
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How can I modify the calogon/calogoff gui


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In order to activate cci connections to Unix hosts on demand a client needed to change the calogon/calogoff call in the gui icons.


When you click on an icon in the EM classic menus NSM looks in %DPATH% (default in R11.2 is C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CCS\WVEM\DATA\ENU) for its field definition modules.
The files hpxclmn.FLD and hpxsvmn.FLD hold the definitions for the Unix servers. It is here that the calogon.exe and calogoff.exe is called/defined:

E:Logon:logon.ico:CA Logon:Calogon:PM:/PM /PLATFORM=UNIX /SERVER=<SERVER>:calogon.exe          
E:Logoff:logoff.ico:CA Logoff:Calogoff:PM:/PM /PLATFORM=UNIX /SERVER=<SERVER>:calogoff.exe

If there is a need to execute some kind of script before the programs are run you could modify these lines to include run these scripts instead of the original binaries, e.g.:

E:Logon:logon.ico:CA Logon:Calogon:PM:/SERVER=<SERVER>:calogon_cci.cmd          
E:Logoff:logoff.ico:CA Logoff:Calogoff:PM:/SERVER=<SERVER>:calogoff_cci.cmd 

The scripts used should be somewhere in the PATH - default lookup is in C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CCS\WVEM\BIN.

For the change to take effect, the server must be deleted from the GUI and re-added via the EM connection manager.


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.1-Management-for Microsoft Exchange