How can SpectroSERVERs be switched in a Fault Tolerant environment?


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CA Spectrum



There may be a time when you need to swap the primary and the secondary SpectroSERVERS. This document will provide you with the steps to switch them so that you can make the secondary the primary, and the primary the secondary.


From within Spectrum OneClick, select the plus symbol (+) next to the VNM icon in the Navigation window. Highlight or select the LocalLscpe model. In the Component Detail of the LocalLscpe model, select the Loaded Landscapes option.

  1. Change secondary precedence to 5

  2. Wait 10 mins

  3. Change old primary precedence from 10 to 20

  4. Wait 5 mins

  5. Change new primary precedence from 5 to 10

  6. Restart the SS and OC (this step may not be needed if everything switches fine).

Verify the map is correct:
From the <SPECROOT>/SS-Tools directory run: ./MapUpdate -v

Verify the correct precedence is set on the correct machine.

If you experience any problems, there is some debugging you can enable:
Add the following line to the .vnmrc file in the <SPECROOT>/SS directory on BOTH the primary and secondary SpectroSERVERS:

This, will require a SpectroSERVER restart. Output will be sent to the VNM.OUT.


Release: SPPREM05900-9.2-Spectrum-Infrastructure Manager-Premium Suite