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What is the difference between Agent 'Last Run' and 'Last executed' time?


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CA Client Automation


What is the difference between Agent 'Last Run' and 'Last executed' time? For most of the agents these values are same but for some agents they differ.


CA Client Automation - All versions


The difference between these two values is that one is picked up from the ca_agent table and the other from the ca_discovered_hardware table.

The 'Last executed' value is from the ca_discovered_hardware table and this will be updated only during registration calls. Agent 'Last Run' is from the ca_agent table and this is modified during every inventory collection or anything that is sent from the agent, is received by the agent and when the Engine updates this information.

This is the reason why sometimes the Agent 'Last Run' and the 'Last executed' values are the same since the inventory collection and registration are done at same time. For the others there is only agent run but not any registration messages so the 'Last executed' value would be different.