How to prevent packages from being compressed before they are transferred/staged to a scalability server or agent?


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Large packages often take long to compress consuming precious resources like cpu and memory. Also compression takes a lot of temporary space (twice the package size). With the new generation of switches/network cards, network speed has increased so much that compressing a package often does not offer advantages anymore compared to sending a package uncompressed. Is it possible to prevent packages from being compressed before sending them from one tier to another (Enterprise -> Domain -> Scalability Server -> Agent)?


There are 3 download methods: NOS, NOSless and DTS.

The difference between NOS and NOSless is that via NOS, installations are done directly from the SDLIBRARY share while in the NOSless download method the packages are first copied entirely to a temp directory on the target and then installation is done from this temp dir.

The download method in use for any given agent can be verified by right clicking the machine within All Computers, choosing Properties and selecting the Software Delivery tab:

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Figure 1

DTS is the CA advanced data transport mechanism with extensive recovery and routing capabilities.

The transfer method used between Enterprise, Domain and Scalability server is always DTS. It is not possible to configure it otherwise. DTS compression can be disabled from configuration policy:
(DSM > Software Delivery > File Transfer:

DTS: Compress data files sent to Agent
DTS: Compress data files sent to Scalability Server

Set either one or both to false (default is true).

If there are agents that are configured for NOSless download, disabling compression is not possible.

If all agents are configured for the internal NOS download method (which is the default) whether or not files are compressed depends on following policy (within DSM > Software Delivery > Shared) ->
"NOS: NOS-less agents attached":

  • If set to yes (default), compression always takes place

  • If set to no, compression does not occur unless a NOS agent is not able to access the SDLIBRARY share and switches to NOSless download. This is controlled by the policy "NOS: NOS-less on the fly". If it is set to false, no automatic switch will occur, no compressed files are created and the job fails. If it is set to true (default), compressed files will only be created if the switch to NOSless actually happens.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence


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