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CAWA Business Agent for SAP went down with the "CPIC TCP/IP on local host ERROR"


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Workload Automation Agent



CAWA Business Agent for SAP went down. The error could be seen in the transmitter log file and partially in the SAP job LStatus field

The error pattern was like following:

Connecting - Exception Connect to SAP gateway failed Connect_PM GWHOST=... GWSERV=...,ASHOST=..., SYSNR=00 LOCATION CPIC TCP/IP on local host ERROR no memory available ... bytesTIME ... RELEASE ... COMPONENT CPIC TCP/IP VERSION 3 RC 450 MODULE ... LINE ...SYSTEM CALL malloc ERRNO 12 ERRNO TEXT Not enough space COUNTER 1

This message was thrown by SAP Java Connector (JCo); most likely current version of the JCo was older than 2.1.10 and as such had a memory leak - Upgrading the JCo to the version 2.1.10 or later should fix the problem.

Note: On the SAP Agent the JCo related files are located at:

  • the sapjco.jar file in the <agent_home>/jars/ext directory;
  • at the <agent_home> directory:
  • librfccm and libsapjcorfc on unix;
  • librfc32.dll and sapjcorfc.dll on windows.


Component: SAPAGT