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Is there a way to eliminate the ORDER BY when doing an IBM unload in a migration strategy?


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS



A migration strategy is doing an IBM unload at the database level. Due to the amount of data that is being unloaded, it would be best if the ORDER BY in the unload is suppressed.


To eliminate the ORDER BY in the Unload you will want to eliminate the indexes in the strategy. That way RC/Migrator doesn't know if the table has a clustered index or not.

If the index DDL is needed then two migration strategies will be necessary.

Create one strategy without the indexes where a DATA-ONLY analysis is done and then create the second strategy with all objects analyzed with the ALL ROWS analysis option Set to "N" to include .SYNCs or set the DDL-ONLY analysis option which would exclude .SYNCs.


Component: RCM