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Conversion from TLMS to CA1 questions


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What are the important items to take in considerations when converting from TLMS to CA1 on a partition on which TLMS is currently active?


  1. The TMS subsystem entry would be after the TLMS entry as it would be placed last in the IEFSSN list dynamically.

  2. Before starting CA1 in a 'batch active' state, take a backup of the TLMS database prior to the 'TLMS daily jobs run. This backup should then be converted with CA-1 batch active and have the CA-1 batch utilities against it. This output should be compared to the output from the TLMS batch utilities. Verify the conversion is producing the desired output before doing the final conversion.

  3. Since CA1 and TLMS can't be fully activated on the same partition, CA1 should be initialized by CAS9 with

    PARM(SVC=xx, INIT,OSI=NO) and the TMSINIT should be started in BATCH ACTIVE and not fully ACTIVE during the TMSC2TMC program of the conversion.

  4. Be sure to run TLMSCLEAN with PARM=TEST so that the MVS catalogs are not updated. This will prevent the MVS catalogs and the VMF file from being out of sync.

  5. Regarding the conversion by itself :

    • Don't forget to translate all TLMS retentions rules defined in the RMF file to the CA-1 RDS file, including the default retention before running TMSEXPDT.

    • Don't forget to translate the movement of the cartridges defined in the TLMS RMF file to the VPD file of CA1 before running Vault management.

    • Don't forget to run the CA-1 TMSPTRS after the conversion and verify the output.

    • Don't forget to remove the TLMS subsystem from the IEFSSNxx for the next IPL after the conversion.

  6. The OCTLG and ROBSCR parameters are very important to be activated when CA-1 is fully active.

Please read the description of both parameters from the SYSTEM PROGRAMMER GUIDE and ADMINISTRATION GUIDE .


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