Client Automation - How do I enable unified login for ITCM Web Console?


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Starting in ITCM 12.5, we now allow unified login, to allow a user to access the Web Console without having to enter their user credentials so long as the user you are logged in with has access to ITCM.


Client Automation - All Versions


  1. Set the "Unified Login" configuration policy to "True" under "Web Services.

  1. Add the following two lines to file under

    #### Unified Login

    This file is located by Default at:
    ..\Program Files\CA\DSM\Web Console\webapps\wac\WEB-INF\classes\com\ca\wac\config

  2. Save the file and recycle Tomcat by running "caf stop tomcat" and "caf start tomcat"

  3. Close any open browsers that were accessing the Web Console and open a new browser to access the Web Console URL (http://ServerName/wac ) and you should not be prompted for your credentials.

Additional Information

  • For IE You may need to add the WAC URL to Local Intranet sites if its not getting detected as a local intranet site.

  • For Firefox, you may need to add the site to your trusted sites