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Web Agent :: SMTRYNO and FCCCompatMode


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In order to display the SMTRYNO I have updated the ACO of the login page with FCCCompatMode=NO. But now when user tries to login they are going into a loop and cannot access the Web Site.

How can I fix it?


Login Server WebAgent has the following parameter set:


From the docs:

Specifies whether the Web Agent compares the request method of all HTTP requests against the methods listed in this parameter. If a match occurs, the Web Agent does not create or update an SMSESSION cookie. Also, cookie providers (if configured) are not updated for that request."

When FCCCompatMode is set YES the login server does not post the credentials to the Policy Server, instead it creates a FORMCRED cookie and sends the request back to the application web server and webagent on application web server POST the credentials to the Policy Server.

Before changing the FCCCompatMode to NO the entire login process was working fine because on the application webserver webagent OverlookSessionForMethods=POST is not set.

In order to fix this issue agent parameter OverlookSessionForMethods=POST should be disabled on the Login Server.


Component: SMAPC