How to have an alert email sent when a specific package fails.


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  • It is essential that a specific package has 100% roll out

  • Any failure needs to be notified to specific personnel to allow remediation to take place

  • Service desk integration is not an option


  • CA Client Automation r12.5

  • CA IT Client Manager r12.5

  • CA Software Delivery r12.5


A Query based Policy can be created to Monitor the specific patch for deployment failures and can send several different types of notification including email.

  1. If you have not already done so you need to configure the email integration in the configuration policy

    see TEC559206 for details on how to do this

  2. Next create the query to monitor the specific package

    1. Expand "Queries"

    2. Right Click "All Queries"

    3. Select "New?"

    4. Double click "Computers"

    5. Expand "Software"

    6. Click on "Software Packages"

    7. In the "Select Field" Dialogue Expand "Deployment"

    8. Select "SW Name"

    9. Against Package Name keep the operator = and Select the Package Name you wish the alert to be generated for in the drop down.

    10. Against Status Select keep the operator = and Select "Deployment Failed" in the drop down.

    11. Click OK

    12. Click OK

    13. Name your Query

  3. Now Create the Alert

    1. Expand "Policies"

    2. Right Click "Query Based"

    3. Select "New..."

    4. Name the Policy

    5. Set the Policy Severity to "Alert"

    6. Select the Query you defined above

    7. Click on "Evaluation"

    8. Choose the frequency you wish this to be evaluated

    9. Click on "Send Mail" under "Add Action"

    10. Enter the email addresses you wish to receive the alert

    11. Type the message you wish sent, Note there are Macro's that can be used for data that will help locate the failed job.

      For example if you named the Policy " Failed package 1 installs" and defined the following in the message.


      You would receive the Message Policy: Failed package 1 installs
      Message: Failed package 1 installs <Agent Name> YYYY-MM-DD HH:SS


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence