Do I need a Data Base for CA Common Services?


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When installing CA Common Services, do you really need to install Datacom/AD and implement all the overhead?
One little job run in advance my show you:


From CA Common Services r12.0 onward, ENF uses CA Datacom/AD for the database (before it used the CA Universe Database).
Datacom/AD is a subset of DATACOM/DB. Datacom/DB can NOT be used for ENF.

  1. The ENFDB DD statement was needed for the CA Universe Database, please delete it from the ENF JCL. It is advisable that the new ENF proc delivered with the new release be used.

  2. Datacom/AD will be needed if a DCM is recording any events. To determine if you can run successfully with NODB, run the CAS9DB utility provided with CCS r11 using the following control card against your CCS r11 ENF database to determine if recording is currently being done.


If no events are being recorded, then you will be fine running with NODB in r12...

If you are recording...Then, you will need to install Datacom/AD, and setup for ENF.

Whether or not event recording is taking place can be determined a couple of ways. One by issuing the ENF EVENT command at the console, and the other by running the CAS9DB utility.

Below is sample JCL for the CAS9DB utility to list the R11 enf/db. Look for any defined events that have 'R' specified as one of the options.

//            DSN=YOUR.R11.ENFDB.LISTING, <<<< Change   
//           UNIT=3390,VOL=SER=??????,SPACE=(CYL,(1,1)),   
//            DCB=(RECFM=FBA,LRECL=133,BLKSIZE=6118)   
//DBIN DD *   

The output data set (DBOUT) from the CAS9DB utility is used as input to the ENFUTIL utility made available beginning with CCS r12. The ENFUTIL utility is used to help generate the DCM and EVENT statements that may be needed in the ENF r12 ENFPARMS member. Based on the information from the ENFUTIL report you may find that you need to install Datacom/AD or can just bypass this installation with the NODB parameter and specify NODB and RECORD(NO) in the ENFPARMS

Hint: Code only DCM statements, that are currently being used.
If additional DCMs are needed at a later time, the ENFPARMS can be updated and ENF recycled.
If any additional DCMs change the requirements for a database, then you may need to adjust requirements for a database.

Any questions should be directed to customer support. Any information derived from the above utilities should be made available to support for review.


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