Info Transport GCC configuration problem on AIX
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Info Transport GCC configuration problem on AIX


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Trying to configure CA InfoTransport on an AIX platform using gcc for the C-Compiler option encounters the gcc error stating the command is invalid.


To use the gcc compiler to create the shared object on AIX, save a copy and make the following 3 changes to

line    61    currently reads "RLDFLAGS="-G"     change to                                     RLDFLAGS="-Xlinker -bsvr4 -Xlinker -dy -Xlinker -berok -Xlinker -brtl -Xlinker -bnortllib -Xlinker -bnoentry -Xlinker -bM:SRE"                                                            Line    63     currently reads DYNOPT="-bdynamic"                            change to                                                                          DYNOPT=" "                                                                                                                                        Line     296    currently reads LOCALLIB="-L . -ldbsql"                      change to                                                                           LOCALIB=""   

Run from the install directory.


Component: PIR