The SD prompt does not show on a Windows 7/ Windows 2008 computer even though it is configured to be displayed via a USD job (Ex: Reboot prompt)


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The USD prompt configured to be displayed in a USD package is not displayed on Windows 7/ Win 2008 agents. Ex: Reboot prompt.

However, sending the same package using the same procedure to a Windows XP computer displays the prompt as expected.

On Win 7/ Win 2008 agents, the 'Interactive Services Detection' appears in the task bar when the job is executing. Clicking on it, a window on the screen is opened that allows you to view the message by clicking on a link in the window. Doing so, a desktop change is performed and then message is displayed.

This is not desired when sending a package to reboot or shutdown the computer as the user eventually working on the workstation does not see the timeout dialog and his/her computer reboots or shutdowns unexpectedly.


This different behavior is caused by the security feature User Access Control (UAC) in Windows 7/Windows 2008 where the applications running with Local System account cannot interact directly with the desktop. (By default the ITCM SD agent runs with Local System account).

In order to allow the SD job to interact with the current user desktop run the following command on the Windows 7/Windows 2008 computer:

caf setprop sdagent enabledisplayondesktop 1

This command stores this property permanently in the comstore on the agent and is not dependant on the logged on user.

To make this change across all agents, create a batch file with the above command and deploy it as a package to all the agents.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence