CAS9125E - Invalid data: Key tampering detected or transcription error


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Running CAS9 to install/load a new product sitekey can result in the following CAS9125E message...

CAS9125E - Invalid data: Key tampering detected or transcription error

A sitekey is a special license key that is not CPU specific. The format of a sitekey is as follows:

PROD(WF) DATE(30SEP16) CPU(*SITE*-/siteid) LMPCODE(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
where: "siteid" is the same SITEID value provided on the preceding site card statement, and "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" is the CA license management generated code


OS: z/OS 

Release:  ANY

Component: CAIRIM


When CAS9 is reading in a "sitekey", a corresponding "sitecard" must be present in the KEYS member ahead of all "sitekey" statements. The following example represents a "sitecard" followed by a "sitekey"

SITEID(siteid) SITECODE(ccccccccccccccccccccc) NAME(generated company name)
PROD(WF) DATE(30SEP16) CPU(*SITE*-/siteid) LMPCODE(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Note: The SITECODE and NAME on the "sitecard" are generated by CA License Management code. These values must appear exactly as delivered by the CA License Management team.

Additional Information

If running CA Common Services 14.1 AND Product license key contains DATE beyond 2025, PTF RO97307 is required.