How to delete a table that I created by mistake using Web Screen Painter


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The steps in the solution for deleting a table which was created using Web Screen Painter is an unsupported suggestion.


If you have made a mistake in creating a table using the Web Screen Painter and you want to start over, such as in the case of creating an extension table instead of a non-extension table, below are sample steps that can be used to remove the table. Please note the warnings listed at the end before following the procedure.

In the example below, the name of the table is ztest_t1. So, when ztest_t1 was created the table using the Web Screen Painter (WSP), test_t1 was specified as the name of the table. The z was appended to the name by WSP.

  1. Edit NX_ROOT\site\mods\wsp_schema.sch and remove all definitions and statements that are associated with ztest_t1.

  2. Edit NX_ROOT\site\mods\majic\wsp.mods and remove all definitions and statements that are associated with ztest_t1.

  3. If the table that was created is an extension table, delete NX_ROOT\site\mods\majic\wsp_ztestt1.spl.

  4. Run "pdm_wspupd" from a command prompt. This should remove the columns of ztest_t1 from the wspcol table in the mdb database.

  5. Step 4 does not delete the entry for ztest_t1 from the wsptbl table in the mdb so you need to do this manually. The following SQL statement, when executed directly, using a database management tool (such as Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio), can be used to delete the relevant entry from the wsptbl table:

    delete from wsptbl where table_name = 'ztest_t1'

  6. Drop the table from the mdb database by executing the following SQL statement: drop table ztest_t1

  7. Stop Service Desk Manager services.

  8. Run: pdm_publish.

  9. Remove entries for ztest_t1 from site\mods\wsp_schema.log

  10. Restart Service Desk Manager.

    Warning: A backup of the files in the installation and of the database should be taken before following the procedure.

    Warning: The procedure should be run in a test environment only.


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