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Message jobname in the opslog or message rule is CONSOLE instead of the name of the job or started task that issued the message.


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Some products such as CA SYSVIEW release 13.0 issue branch entry WTOs.

All branch entry WTOs are queued to the CONSOLE address space and reprocessed.

That is the reason why the jobname is CONSOLE in the OPSLOG or in the MSG.JOBNAME field of a message rule.

This makes it difficult to manage the status of a STC or a job in OPSMVS System State Manager.


The solution is to use the MSG.OJOBNAME variable in a message rule. This variable contains the original jobname associated with the message. In OPSMVS release 11.9 the stateman rules are adapted to use the MSG.OJOBNAME.


Component: SOPMVS