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Why do I need to Click Twice On Top Applications To Minimize – Maximize – Restore- Close in C#?


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CA Plex


When launching a top application windows on a C# Client the launched function’s Minimize, Restore, and Maximize buttons are inactive. 

User has to click on the panel to activate it then the buttons become operational. This is not the expected behavior. We expect that the user only has to click these buttons once for the control perform its task.


Release: ESBPLX99000-7.1-Cool Plex-Extended Support Basic


We have tested the functionality and below are our observations:- 

Case1:By default focus is with Menu Item “File” when the MDI parent is loaded.. At this moment , if we close the panel by clicking on the ‘X’ button then first click will move the focus from Menu Item and keeps the focus on the paenl. Second click will close the window. 

Case2:In case if the focus is with any child tab or on panel then with single click panel can be closed. Click on the panel to move the focus from Menu item and close the panel. With a single click panel gets closed. 


This is the default behavior with WPF frameworks. Basically Menu bar and Toolbar have different focus groups , so an extra mouse click is needed to invoke any action with mouse on panel. We have created a sample WPF application outside of Plex and checked the functionality. It also needs two mouse clicks to close the panel when the menu item has focus . 

Make sure that before closing the panel, focus should be with panel rather than with the menu bar. With this you can close the panel with a single click.